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What to Know Before Getting a Kitten

Bringing a kitten home is a joyful journey that comes with responsibilities. Proper care and preparation will help you and your new furry friend start your life together on the right paw. Here’s what you should know before bringing a kitten home:

1. Commitment

Kittens require a significant time commitment. They need attention, socialization, playtime, and proper care. Be prepared to invest time in bonding and training.

2. Supplies

Gather all necessary supplies before your kitten arrives:

3. Kitten-Proofing

Just like with a baby, kitten-proof your home:

  • Hide Hazards: Keep small objects, toxic plants, chemicals, and electrical cords out of reach.
  • Secure Windows and Balconies: Ensure they can’t escape or fall.
  • Safe Hideouts: Create safe spaces where your kitten can retreat and feel secure.

4. Veterinary Care

Schedule a vet appointment soon after bringing your kitten home:

  • Vaccinations: Discuss vaccination schedules with your vet.
  • Spaying/Neutering: Plan for the appropriate age for this procedure.
  • Health Check: Ensure your kitten is in good health.

5. Grooming

Start grooming routines early to get your kitten used to brushing, nail trimming, and other grooming tasks. This can be a challenge for first time kitten owners, so do consider engaging a professional groomer to assist you.

Are you ready to be a pawrent?

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