You can whatsapp/call us at 8688 6884 to book an appointment. Please take a minute of your time to read through our Terms & Conditions before booking.
We recommend every 4-6 weeks depending on your kitty’s fur coat condition.
We do not recommend owners to stay around for too long as your kitty may be distracted and cause unexpected delays during the process. However, you’re definitely welcome to stay around for 5-10 minutes to take photos of them! 🙂

Please inform us when you’re booking an appointment so that we can take the necessary precautions like allocating a specific time and space for your kitty to reduce any further stress. In cases where your kitty gets too stressed out, we will stop the session.

As an additional groomer(s)’s assistance and a longer time will be required to protect your kitty and our groomer in the process of grooming, this will incur an aggressive surcharge of $50.

We sanitise our premises with veterinary-grade disinfectants daily. All our equipment, tools and surfaces are sanitised before, in between, and after usage.